Post-Break Updates & GoFundMe Campaign

During Yale’s Spring Break, the construction of BR16 saw tremendous progress. The team members who stayed behind or came back early to work on the car during break have brought our team’s hard work to fruition as many major components are fitted or mounted to the chassis. Our team has come this far with our hard work and the support of our sponsors, but in order to make some final purchases and travel to the competitions, making Yale’s first all-electric race car a real competitor, we need one final push to gather the resources and support that we need to compete! To make this process easier our business team has created a GoFundMe page so if you would like to support us even more please visit our GoFundMe campaign page at!

On the engineering side of the team, much has been accomplished and BR16’s chassis is starting to fill in! The steering, suspension, and drivetrain systems are near completion with mostly final adjustments and fittings left. On top of this, the battery box has been constructed with tremendous progress being made on the battery stacks for the battery and also the low voltage systems. A lot of work has gone into the pedal box design over break and machining components for this has already begun. And with plenty of work to do still, our engineers are excited to complete the car!

Over the break, the business team was hard at work to bolster our resources, starting a GoFundMe campaign and reaching out to various companies and businesses. And now that the team has returned, they have geared up to complete our Cost Report for the competitions. And as the competitions approach it seems especially important to thank our all of our supporters for helping and allowing us to build BR16! We are especially proud to work with Newark Element14 for the sourcing of our electrical components and with Advanced Circuits for our PCB’s—we could not have done it without their generous support. Lastly, as we make final purchases and preparations to travel to the competitions, the continued support of our sponsors counts more than ever before!

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