Bulldogs Racing is the Yale University chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). The team designs and produces hybrid-powered, formula-style racecars for the Formula-Hybrid Competition. Held annually by SAE in Loudon, New Hampshire, the Formula-Hybrid Competition is the most demanding of SAE’s collegiate design competitions.

A Brief Team History

In 2006, Yale College seniors working under the guidance of Professor John Morrell designed and constructed a car to compete in the inaugural Formula Hybrid Competition. The car was built under the auspices of a mechanical engineering design seminar, and the nominal budget and the small size of the team proved impediments to success. In 2008, the core group of engineers founded Bulldogs Racing — a Yale Undergraduate Organization. Since 2008, Bulldogs Racing has grown by leaps and bounds to become a world-renowned racing team. In 2010, the car won the GM Best Engineered Hybrid Systems Award (second place) and was a finalist in the design competition. The team grew from its experiences in the 2010 competition, and after diligent development and careful work over the course of several years, Bulldogs Racing fielded BR13. At the 2013 competition, Bulldogs Racing became international champions. Our car was named the Formula-Hybrid Best Hybrid Vehicle overall having posted the fastest times in all three dynamic events. The vehicle won the Ford Most Efficient Hybrid Award (first place), the Chrysler Innovation award (first place), and the GM Best Engineered Hybrid System award (second place). We came in fourth place at the 2014 competition.

Bulldogs Racing Today

Though racing and competition drive the organization forward, education lies at its core. Bulldogs Racing aims to:

  • Develop the engineering and business skills of its members
  • Prepare students for careers in a wide variety of fields
  • Give members fluency with CAD design software, machining and welding equipment, electronic systems design, systems optimization, computer programming, composites design, proper safety practices, and business administration
  • Represent Yale University, the Yale University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and its sponsors as an ambassador for engineering education

Bulldogs Racing strives to be a venue for innovation in engineering. By educating its members, providing the resources for creative problem solving, and expecting excellence at every step, Bulldogs Racing has risen above its competition.