Team History


The Bulldogs Racing team began in 2006, when Yale College seniors designed and constructed a car in a mechanical engineering design seminar to compete in the inaugural Formula SAE Hybrid Competition. The team evolved into a Yale Undergraduate Organization in 2008 to become Bulldogs Racing. Since then, we have grown by leaps and bounds to become a world-renowned racing team.

In 2010, our car won the GM Best Engineered Hybrid Systems Award (2nd place) and was a finalist in the design competition. Diligent development and careful work over the course of three years saw Bulldogs Racing field BR13. At the 2013 Formula SAE Hybrid competition, Bulldogs Racing became the international champions, posting the fastest times in all dynamic events and sweeping the Ford Most Efficient Hybrid Award (1st place), the Chrysler Innovation Award (1st place), and the GM Best Engineered Hybrid System Award (2nd place).

After a 4th place finish in Formula SAE Hybrid 2014 with BR14, Bulldogs Racing decided to focus its attention and resources on electric drivetrains to further explore, experiment on and learn about the future of the automotive industry. Consequently, we embarked on a project to build an new all-electric race car, the BR16, which was the first all-electric vehicle built at Yale University. Following an unfortunate battery fire right before it was scheduled to compete, the BR16 was completely overhauled and additional safety features were included, leading to the development of the BR20 throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In the spring of 2023, the BR20 raced in the Formula Hybrid + Electric competition at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway, where the team tied for 8th place in a field of 17. Taking the lessons that our current team has learned from our first competition in many years, we are currently developing our next all-electric race car, the BR25, with the aim of returning to New Hampshire in the spring of 2025.

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