Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) is an annual intercollegiate racing series that challenges universities from around the world to design and build a single seat race car. The competition is conceived to give the participating students a chance to apply the theory they learn at engineering and management courses, and more importantly, to go beyond what is taught at college and explore and implement unique solutions that are directly applicable to real-world problems in all fields of science and management.

There are three categories in Formula SAE series: gas, hybrid and electric drivetrain categories define the scope of the competitions. The teams operate like small-scale race car companies, equipping their members with the necessary management, engineering, leadership and communication skills. The most important aspect is project management – if there is one thing the competition teaches, that is the fact that a race car cannot be built overnight, with countless teams trying and failing to prove otherwise every year. As a result, students who become part of the Formula SAE family experience and interact with the industry first-hand, and always lead their fields regardless of where they choose to work or study at after college.