November Update

The Team

Bulldogs Racing is hard at work on the development of BR16 and excitement builds with our registration for Formula SAE® Electric, Formula Hybrid, and Formula North! With new members alongside team veterans, our sub-teams have started up and made serious progress. On top of this progress, Bulldogs Racing has also made it a point to give back to the community. Team President Taha Ramazanoglu gave a presentation on our team project for Yale Resonance, helping inspire interest in the sciences. Racing Engineers also hosted a workshop on electric motors at Yale’s Center for Engineering Innovation & Design Workshop Wednesdays.

Engineering Updates

After our Environmental Health and Safety meeting describing both the importance and implementation of a safe workspace, Bulldogs Racing has been ready to get some work done in the garage. Work on the implementation of thermal management for our critical systems has picked up as progress on suspension, composites, electrical systems continues. With the arrival of our second motor and battery management system, our sub-teams have not only continued to design components but also started building. Team engineers have welded a motor stand for one of our motors as well as started construction of a model steering wheel.


Bulldogs Racing values its sponsors and without their support the design and construction of BR16 would be a much more difficult task! As we recognize and appreciate this support, the finance team continues to reach out to sponsors. To help with this task, Bulldogs Racing has decided to both create a video and update the current website. Stay tuned for these developments!

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