December 2017 Update: Getting Ready to Race!!!

Bulldogs Racing will be competing in Formula Hybrid this coming Spring!

We are closer than ever to having Yale’s first all electric Formula SAE race car. Many of the mechanical systems, including the chassis, suspension, pedal box and driver cell have been designed, fabricated and installed. The team is working hard to complete the design of our accumulator containment system and the assembly of our steering system. With all of our mechanical systems nearing completion, we are also working hard to assemble and debug our electrical system. We are excited about getting our wheels spinning, and making our performance as reliable as possible before May.


Our Current Timeline

December 2017: Bring our motor controllers up to full functionality, fabricate and assemble steering system, get the car rolling again!

Winter Break: Refine project plan for the spring semester and develop a more granular timeline of all outstanding requirements.

January 2018: Impact attenuator re-testing and connecting motors to wheels. Create interim project management report.

February 2018: Finalize electrical systems and file electrical system form 2. Complete safety simulations. Get car moving under it’s own power.

March 2018: Ensure rule compliance and fully assemble the entire car. Complete and submit design, sustainability, and specification reports.

April 2018: Finish all remaining loose ends and make it to competition!

April 30th – May 3rd, 2018: Formula Hybrid competition at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

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