February Newsletter

With competitions just around the bend, Bulldogs Racing has picked up the pace! The team has come together to decide a new work schedule including more time in the garage and in the shop. With this new schedule, the team has made tremendous progress, but still has a long way to go. To help the team refuel and stay motivated, Bulldogs Racing has fun events planned such as our upcoming go-karting trip where the team can get some racing experience before the competitions.

On the engineering side of the team, manufacturing has been going at full speed! Nearly every day a team member is machining or manufacturing another part or component for BR16. The firewall template is well underway and our engineers are busy with various machining jobs as well as preparation of components for the battery box. On top of this, initial construction and testing for the impact attenuator, one of the critical safety components of the car, has been completed.

With work in the garage really starting to pick up, the business side has been busy supporting the team with outreach, budgeting, and grant applications. Thanks to their work Bulldogs Racing received a grant from the YSEA (Yale Science & Engineering Association) and continues to reach out to key companies. Looking for some local support, the business team has also started a special outreach program to Yale’s Residential Colleges. Last but definitely not least, Bulldogs Racing would like to thank our sponsors, partners, and supporters. Their past and ongoing support makes all of our work possible!

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