March Newsletter

Bulldogs Racing has been working in overdrive to finish key components before much of the team leaves for spring break, where the remaining team members can work without missing classes. To keep the morale high in the face of all this work, the team has hosted a number of motivational events, ranging from team movie nights to our team go-karting trip. The entire team continues to work hard to have BR16 ready for our first competition!

The team has seen a tremendous amount of progress go into the construction of BR16 with a substantial amount of machining happening in the last month. The suspension tabs are on the car, and the A-arms and the uprights are done making the suspension system nearly completed. The accumulator box has also been completed along with heat sinks for the battery box. The low voltage components are close to being finished and the team has prepared for the assembly of the high voltage components. Last but not least, the team anticipates the completion and implementation of both the brake and steering systems.

With a lot of work going on in the garage, it’s as important as ever to remember and thank those that have allowed for and supported our team’s progress.The business team has also been hard at work, gathering support and partners that have been an enormous help as we work to finish BR16. A special thanks goes out to Sikorsky for our rear uprights, and also to Specialty Metal Fabrication for some vital steel laser cutting!

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