Bulldogs Racing has been working in overdrive to finish key components before much of the team leaves for spring break, where the remaining team members can work without missing classes. To keep the morale high in the face of all this work, the team has hosted a number of motivational […]

March Newsletter

With competitions just around the bend, Bulldogs Racing has picked up the pace! The team has come together to decide a new work schedule including more time in the garage and in the shop. With this new schedule, the team has made tremendous progress, but still has a long way […]

February Newsletter

Bulldogs racing is proud to announce the arrival of the chassis for BR ’16, our all-electric race car! Throughout the course of this year, we’ve seen tremendous progress on all aspects of this project. And with this year coming to a close, we would like to thank our members for […]

December Newsletter

The Team Bulldogs Racing is hard at work on the development of BR16 and excitement builds with our registration for Formula SAE® Electric, Formula Hybrid, and Formula North! With new members alongside team veterans, our sub-teams have started up and made serious progress. On top of this progress, Bulldogs Racing […]

November Update